Jessica McLaughlin

PhD Student (OU)

Jessica joined the lab as a PhD Student in Fall 2017. Originally from Dayton, OH, she moved to Alaska to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2011, where she did undergraduate research in Antarctic icefish physiology and biochemistry. She also volunteered at the University of Alaska Museum Ornithology Lab, learning about specimen preparation and collections-based research. This led to her pursuing a Master’s degree investigating gene flow, divergence, and speciation in nine lineages of Beringian birds, advised by Kevin Winker.

For her PhD, Jess is studying speciation, secondary contact, and mitonuclear incompatibilities in Panamanian birds and Andean hummingbirds.


A preliminary bird list from Río Luis, Veraguas provides further insight into an avian suture zone in Caribbean Panama