Matthew Miller

Principal Investigator
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I am the Assistant Curator of Ornithology at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History & Assistant Professor in the University of Oklahoma Department of Biology.

My research focuses on the diversification of Neotropical birds and the diseases they carry. I employ a variety of research methods, but the collection and use of museum voucher specimens is a central theme of my work. In 2008, I founded the Bird Collection at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and I maintain a research affiliation there and at INDICASAT-AIP (Panama). I am a Distinguished Member of Panama’s National Board of Investigators (SNI).


Proteomic fingerprint identification of Neotropical hard tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) using a self-curated mass spectra reference library

COVID-19 pandemic in Panama: What are the unique risks and research opportunities for the region?

Comparative genomics reveals evolution of a beak morphology locus in a high-altitude songbird

COVID-19 in Latin America: Novel transmission dynamics for a global pandemic?

A preliminary bird list from Río Luis, Veraguas provides further insight into an avian suture zone in Caribbean Panama

A highly contiguous genome for the Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Melanerpes aurifrons) via a hybrid Oxford Nanopore and short read assembly

Genome sequences of Chikungunya virus isolates from Bolivia

Comparative analyses of vertebrate gut microbiomes reveal convergence between birds and bats

Genomic signature of allopatric divergence in the weakly-electric fish Sternopygus dariensis in the Isthmus of Panama

A preliminary bird list from Río Luis, Veraguas provides further insight into an avian suture zone in Caribbean Panama

Phylogenomics clarifies biogeographic and evolutionary history, and conservation status of West Indian tremblers and thrashers (Aves: Mimidae)

Application of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry to identify species of Neotropical Anopheles vectors of malaria

Mitogenomics of Central American weakly-electric fishes

Differential introgression of a female competitive trait in a hybrid zone between sex-role reversed species

Historical and contemporary forces combine to shape patterns of genetic differentiation in Mesoamerican Anopheles mosquitoes

A review of current knowledge concerning the breeding and summer distribution of the Cordilleran Flycatcher (Empidonax occidentalis) in Mexico

Maternal invasion history of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus into the Isthmus of Panama: Implications for the control of emergent viral disease agents

Host body size and the diversity of tick assemblages on Neotropical vertebrates

Molecular ecological insights into Neotropical bird–tick interactions

Extreme mitogenomic divergence between two syntopic specimens of Arremon aurantiirostris (Aves:Emberizidae) in central Panama suggests possible cryptic species

Mitochondrial genome organization of the Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, Mionectes oleagineus

Extreme sequence divergence between mitochondrial genomes of two subspecies of White-breasted Wood-wren (Henicorhina leucosticta Cabanis, 1847) from western and central Panamá

Complete mitochondrial genomes of the New World jacanas – Jacana spinosa and Jacana jacana

Annotated checklist of the birds (Aves) of Cerro Hoya National Park, Azuero Peninsula, Panamá

Geographic expansion of the invasive mosquito Aedes albopictus across Panama — Implications for control of dengue and Chikungunya viruses

Genetic and phenotypic characterization of a hybrid zone between polyandrous Northern and Wattled Jacanas in western Panama

A distinctive avian assemblage in western Darién, Panamá is uncovered through a disease surveillance program

Diversification across the New World within the'blue'cardinalids (Aves:Cardinalidae)

Mosquito-host interactions during and after an outbreak of Equine Viral Encephalitis in eastern Panama

Metapopulation dynamics enable persistence of influenza A, including A/H5N1, in poultry

Seasonal pattern of avian Plasmodium-infected mosquitoes and implications for parasite transmission in central Panama

Amblyomma tapirellum (Acari: Ixodidae) collected from tropical forest canopy

An ornithological survey of Piñas Bay, a site on the Pacific coast of Darién Province, Panama

Phylogeography of the Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (Amazilia tzacatl

Nuevo registro para Panama de Pelecitus helicinus (Molin, 1860)(Nematodas: Filarioidea: Onchocercidae) como parasito subcutaneo del ave Arremon aurantiirostris (Passeriformes: Emberizidae)

Revising species limits in a group of Myrmeciza antbirds reveals a cryptic species within M. laemosticta (Thamnophilidae)

Neotropical birds show a humped distribution of within‐population genetic diversity along a latitudinal transect

Allele frecuency distributions of nine loci STRS in panamanian mestizos

Phylogeography of a morphologically diverse Neotropical montane species, the Common Bush-Tanager (Chlorospingus ophthalmicus)

Out of Amazonia again and again: episodic crossing of the Andes promotes diversification in a lowland forest flycatcher

Historical biogeography of the new world solitaires (Myadestes spp)

Polyphyly of the hawk genera Leucopternis and Buteogallus (Aves, Accipitridae): multiple habitat shifts during the Neotropical buteonine diversification