Krisangel López

MS Student (OU)

Krisangel is a graduate student in the Biology Department at the University of Oklahoma. Previously, she was an undergraduate researcher in our group at Villanova University. In her time as an undergraduate she worked on mitogenome organization and exploring the evolution of cryptic species in tropical Panamanian birds. During the year between Villanova and Oklahoma, Kris completed a nine-month internship working with Dr. Robert Gilman’s research group in Peru, where she studied ecological epidemiology related to the 2016 El Niño in northern Peru.

As a graduate student she is researching the landscape ecology of the the urban–sylvatic transition of energing zoonotic diseases in eastern Panama.

Krisangel was born in NYC and lived part her life in the Dominican Republic. Living in the Dominican Republic deepened her love for Biology, Ecology and Public Health. She is interested in obtaining a Masters in Disease Ecology and an MD/PhD in order to further her knowledge and contribute to international public health.


Annotated checklist of the birds (Aves) of Cerro Hoya National Park, Azuero Peninsula, Panamá

Nuevo registro para Panama de Pelecitus helicinus (Molin, 1860)(Nematodas: Filarioidea: Onchocercidae) como parasito subcutaneo del ave Arremon aurantiirostris (Passeriformes: Emberizidae)