A preliminary bird list from Río Luis, Veraguas provides further insight into an avian suture zone in Caribbean Panama

Jessica F McLaughlin, Jorge Luis Garzon, Oscar G Lopez Ch, Matthew J Miller, Cotinga 42 :77–81 (2020).
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We present a preliminary list of birds collected on the Caribbean coast of the province of Veraguas, Panama. Here, we found birds not known from the area, instead they were believed to range limits ending either east or west of our collection site. These include: Cnipodectes subbrunneus, Juliamyia julie, Gymnopithys bicolor bicolor, Mionectes (oleagineus) affinis, and western phylospecies of Malacoptila panamensis and Xenops minutus. Our results reaffirm that the coast of Veraguas is an important suture zone between Mesoamerica and South America avifaunas along the Caribbean coast of Panama.